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Video: Woman Rescues Blind Horse In Texas



woman rescues blind horse

With the recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey, we’ve seen a lot of tragedies. Rising floodwaters lead to loss of not only material goods, but also to stranded pets and animals in danger. Thankfully, in times like this, we see daring rescues as well. In this video, we watch as a woman rescues a blind horse in Humble, Texas.

Woman Rescues Blind Horse In Texas

NBC News captured this amazing scene of Devon Horn jumping out of a boat to rescue a horse in Humble, Texas. The horse, up to his chest in water and in serious risk of drowning, fights against her. The horse is blind in one eye and almost blind in the other, which didn’t help matters. In spite of their fight for control, they managed to make it out of the waters.

But in an incredible display of skill, Devon managed to, in her own words, convince him her idea was best, and lead the animal to the higher ground.

Hurricane Harvey left a lot of horses stranded. This isn’t the first rescue we’ve seen. This also isn’t the first time Humble’s horses are in danger due to floods. Last year, several horses swam for their lives after a flood hit Cypress Trails and endangered over 80 animals. Fortunately, most of the horses survived.

In danger of hurricane and storms? It’s always best to remember how to prepare for them.

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