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6 Major Reasons Children Benefit From Owning A Horse



Children benefit from owning a horse

Horses are a gift to the world. Kind, intelligent, gentle and empathetic, they connect with human beings in a way few animals do. Your child could benefit from caring for and owning a horse in many unexpected ways.

1. Owning a horse teaches responsibility.

Horses are a lot of work and they take a lot of time and energy to care for. This teaches a child responsibility, both in the care of the horse and in the financial aspects of keeping them happy and healthy. These early lessons will teach them responsibility from a young age while building their sense of empathy as they take care of another living being.

2. Owning a horse provides mental and emotional well being.

Many programs for troubled teenagers are beginning to include Equestria in their curriculum and treatment. Why? Because horses are very smart, gentle creatures who connect well with their riders. These traits help young people learn to deal with overwhelming emotions and provides a sense of well-being that can begin to heal their trauma.

3. Owning a horse helps your child make friends.

Equestria is a tight knit community where riders will become very close to one another. It is a great way to develop life long friendships. Plus the relationship built with the horses themselves, which can be just as rewarding.

4. Owning a horse helps your child stay physically active.

Horseback riding and horse care is a physically demanding activity that keeps your child extremely active. Just the process of rising a horse requires muscles be used to remain stable, not to mention the heavy lifting and process of placing, removing and caring for equipment, brushing out the horse’s coat and mucking out stalls.

5. Owning a horse builds character.

Children don’t learn character building skills just sitting around and playing on their phones. They need stimulation and a chance to learn as they perform different tasks. Owning a horse is a great way to build character as they learn about the ins and outs of caring for different breeds and dealing with the unique temperament of each animal.

6. Owning a horse keeps your child engaged and out of trouble.

One thing many parents learned a long time ago is that if they let their kids wander freely without guidance or structure they can end up getting into mischief or worst. Horse care is a scheduled activity that requires regular engagement and daily work. Your child won’t have the time or inclination to get into trouble when they are busy riding.

If your child is interested in riding and caring for horses it is a wonderful activity that is worth looking into. It could change their lives for the better.

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