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Video: Police Chase Runaway Unicorn



Police Chase Runaway Unicorn

Police officers have dangerous jobs. But sometimes, it can be… adorable. Watch as police chase this runaway unicorn.

Police Chase Runaway Unicorn

Drivers in California saw a unicorn running down a highway. Understandably, they called 911 to apprehend the mythical creature. But, turns out it was just Juliet, a pony who plays unicorn for photographer Sandra Boos. They were at Madera Ranchos, in a photoshoot, when the pony threw her head, freed herself from the lead rope and ran away. She did it in full costume, including a spiral horn and a pink halter.

But the more they chased, the more Juliet ran. The 400-pound Shetland pony was not too willing to be caught. The spirited little unicorn managed to lead the police on a four-hour chase.

Cutting through roads and orchards, Juliet was a hard target to catch. There were close encounters with cars, which worried all involved with the chase — fortunately, no incidents happened. Her bid for freedom was so effective, police had to up their game. They took a helicopter, armed with infrared, to locate Juliet, finding her in an orchard.

Juliet Plays Unicorn For Children

Juliet plays unicorn for children who want a magical moment. Image by Sandra Boos Photography.

The pony was wary, though, and wouldn’t let others approach her and capture her again. Police and the owners only managed to catch Juliet after Renee Pardy, a friend of Juliet’s owners, remembered Juliet liked her horse, Shady.

Riding Shady, they managed to approach Juliet, who trusted her friend and let herself be caught. Juliet returned to her owners. Many cheers and happy tears from Sandra Boos and all involved welcomed the runaway unicorn.

It wasn’t the escape artist’s first try: earlier that same day, she tried to escape a children’s party. All ended well, though, with Juliet a little sore from running five miles, but otherwise okay. The pony wasn’t hurt and lived to magic up children’s lives for another day.

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