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Video: People Bring Their Horses Inside For Shelter From Hurricane



People bring their horses inside for shelter

Hurricane Irma was a threat to horse owners in Florida. Many people abandoned their homes to protect themselves and their horses, while others stayed. Some, not willing to evacuate their animals or let them fend for themselves, got creative. Instead of leaving, people are bringing their horses inside their homes for shelter.

People Bring Their Horses Inside For Shelter

Even though Hurricane Irma was demoted to a tropical storm, it still posed a significant threat to people and animals. This is especially important for horses, as the large animals can sometimes find themselves in risky situations when they can’t escape to higher ground. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, some horses had to be rescued from rising floodwaters.

But some people found creative ways to protect their animals.

Posted by Georgia Mott on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Georgia Mott knew she couldn’t leave her horses out in the weather when she had a place to shelter them. So rather than leave and take her animals with her (a costly solution), she found another way. Instead, Georgia took her horses, Dixie and Goose, and six dogs inside. The animals stayed in the laundry room until the storm passed and it was safe to get out. In this video, you can see her guiding one of the horses through her living room and to their designated room, where they stayed until it was safe to go out. The horses have since returned outside, and are safe and sound.

Sherry Stoy had the same idea. Her horses are older, and she didn’t want to go through the stress of an evacuation. Instead, she took both horses inside into a makeshift barn. The horses are also safe.

If you want to help Sherry recover from the hurricane, you can vote on her pictures here.

The organization Horses That Help, which helps disabled people and rescue horses, had the same problem. This time, they brought eight horses inside, to share a living room with them. Because Hurricane Irma changed direction, they thought it best to shelter the horses inside, rather than risk evacuation and be caught in a storm.

Riding out #Irma with 8 horses in our concrete block living room! 16 hours in, not sure how many more to go! #HorsesThatHelp #donottrythisathome ?

Posted by Horses That Help on Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hurricane Irma brought winds of 130mph and comes right after Hurricane Harvey. The latter hit Texas rather heavily and witnessed some desperate rescues of stranded horses, as well as other animals.

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