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Tragic and Cruel Attack on Pearly the Pony in Darwin



Beloved Mare Dies After Shot With Arrows

The Fannie Bay Equestrian Club woke up to tragedy yesterday. The Darwin-based club found their beloved pony with two arrows embedded on her flank. The pony didn’t resist her injuries and died on Wednesday.

UPDATE: A teenager has turned himself in to Police

Beloved Mare Dies After Hit With Arrows

Wednesday night brought pain to the people at the Fanny Bay Equestrian Club. Pearl, a 20-year-old mare, was out in the paddock facing Alec Fon Lin Drive on Tuesday night. At around 4 pm on Wednesday, a teenager found the mare with two arrows embedded in her abdomen. It isn’t clear how long the arrows remained on the mare’s side.

Veterinarian Susanne Smith treated Pearly. Unfortunately, the team was unable to save her. Even after undergoing surgery to remove the arrows, the mare did not resist the injuries. The arrows were too long and pierced the mare’s abdomen.

Pearl was a long-standing fixture in the club, and often gave rides on the pony come and try days hosted by the club. Three families rented her, all three with young children. The Haflinger mare taught many children to ride. She was gentle and dependable.

A cruel attack on a much-loved pony

A much-loved pony that helped club members ride for the first time, has died after being shot with arrows in its paddock in Darwin. WARNING: This video contains images that may distress some viewers.

Posted by ABC Darwin on Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fannie Bay Equestrian Club in shock

To the people in the Fannie Bay Equestrian Club, it is clear that the attack on Pearly was intentional. Because of the position of the arrows (one hit the mare’s flank, while the other was behind the shoulder), it is possible the assailant was close to Pearl. There is some speculation whether the arrows came from a crossbow. The police department kept the arrows as evidence. They will perform forensics on them to determine the shooter and weapon used to fire them.

Pearl, a Haflinger mare, shot with arrows at Fannie Bay Equestrian Club

The arrows went deep into Pearl and may have come from a crossbow. Image by Justin Kennedy.

While Pearly was the only victim, there is concern about injuries to other horses in the same paddock. An injury to another horse in the same paddock may point to a failed attempt. Hollywood Hitman, a champion Quarter Horse, got a puncture wound as well. Veterinarian Susanna Smith believes that the bolt fell off as the horse ran away. The club will not use the paddock where Pearl stayed again, in fear it might happen again to other horses. They will also reconsider the security of the establishment.

The club also called for information. They asked the people in Darwin to spread the word and keep an eye out for a possible culprit. Until the guilty party is apprehended, high alert remains for horses and children.

This isn’t the first shooting incident in Darwin. Last month, police found several agile wallabies shot in a drive-by incident in East Point, in three separate incidents. It is unknown if the two incidents have any connection.

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  1. Gloria

    14/10/2017 at 10:37 am

    Who did this to this helpless mare? Next he’ll kill a person. Hope he’s arrested and sent to prison.

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