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This Pony Escaped The California Wildfire By Getting A Car Ride



Stardust escaped the California wildfire on the back of a car

Horses carried people in wagons and on their backs for several thousand years. Sometimes, though, they are the ones in need of rescue. Here’s how this Miniature Horse escaped the raging California wildfire.

This Pony Escaped The California Wildfire By Getting A Car Ride

Sometimes, horses have to rescue themselves. It’s always a terrible business when a horse or another large animal or pet needs to stay behind.

Lauren Mesaros knew she had to rescue all three of her horses, Gypsy, Connie and Stardust. They only had a railroad to separate them from the Tubbs fire, which ravaged the nearby Coffey Park neighbourhood. Neighbour Carol Spears had a trailer ready, and they managed to load the two mares before they ran into trouble: Stardust didn’t fit the trailer.

Faced with a choice, Lauren asked for her neighbour’s help once again. Together (and with the help of a carrot), they managed to lure the rather unhappy Stardust into the back of Lauren’s 2001 Honda Accord. While the Miniature Horse was not amused, they drove out and managed to escape the fire unscathed. According to another neighbour, Lisette Hal Fryes, the pony went in with no issue whatsoever, to the amazement of all involved.

Stardust in the Honda Accord

Stardust was not amused. Image by Lisette Hall Fryes.

Fortunately, Lauren and her horses arrived safely at Sebastopol, where they stayed at Windhorse Ranch until it was safe for return. Unfortunately, the Honda Accord wasn’t so lucky — in fact, it was a mess. After all, Stardust might be a trusting pony, but he’s still a horse. Horses do what they do. Even when inside cars. Lauren’s property was also largely spared, and, to her surprise, the pony himself was perfectly fine as well. She worried he might get carsick or try to move to the front sea, but Stardust behaved like a gentleman (well, except for the poop).

Stardust, unlike the Honda, rose to internet fame — his picture got over 17,000 shares on Facebook. With good reason, as Lauren’s ingenuity and Stardust’s adorable face make for a perfect, feel-good moment. It’s always good to see people going out of their way to save their animals, even in times of tragedy.

The California wildfires started on Oct. 8th and 9th. It spread throughout Sonoma County, Napa and Santa Rosa, popularly called “wine country”.

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