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Video: Horse Visits Hospital Patient On His Last Days



Horse Visits Hospital Patient

Horses can bring a great comfort to people used to them. The love of horses isn’t really something that goes away. To comfort an elderly hospice patient in North Devon, the staff decided to surprise him. They took a horse to him. Watch as this horse visits a hospital patient on his last days.

Horse Visits Hospital Patient On His Last Days

Patrick Sounders lived his whole life around horses. When the elderly man told the hospital staff at North Devon how he felt, and how much horses mattered to him, they knew just what to do. The hospital is right next to the North Devon Equine Rescue Center. All it took was a simple phone call. Soon, they’d arranged a surprise for Patrick.

Victor the horse was happy to meet Patrick. Watching the video you can see the joy in Patrick’s eyes and face as he once again interacts with a horse — something that means a lot to him. But Victor had another surprise for Patrick: he shares a name with the elderly man’s father, who first introduced Patrick to horses.

The visit also surprised Patrick’s daughter, Jayne, who shares her dad’s enthusiasm for horses. She wasn’t sure they would get him so close to a horse as they did. From his hospital bed, Patrick fed and touched Victor’s nose and face, which, his daughter reports, brightened his mood immensely. The elderly man had suffered some setbacks and low mood days before the visit. The hospital staff thought a visit from a horse — especially such a handsome horse! — would brighten his mood. And it did: according to his daughter and the staff, Patrick spent the following days in much better mood.

Unfortunately, Patrick Sounders died three days after the visit — but he died a happy, fulfilled man, thanks to an understanding crew and a gentle horse.

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