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10 Pieces Of Horse Hair Jewelry That We Love



Horse hair jewelry: turquoise ring

Horse Hair jewelry makes for a good memento remembering a beloved horse. Sometimes, you just need to have that piece of your best friend with you. Or maybe you just like the idea of a horse hair bracelet! Here are 10 pieces of horse hair jewelry that we love. They make excellent Christmas gifts.

10 Pieces Of Horse Hair Jewelry That We Love

There’s a wide variety of things one can do with horse hair. From cello and violin bows to bracelets and keychains, this material is more popular than people think. But jewellery — and horse hair jewelry — has a touch of personality and intimacy in it that other usage doesn’t have. Here are 10 pieces of horse hair jewelry that we love and you can buy! Presented in no particular order.

1. This beaded horse hair bracelet

Horsehair jewellery: beaded bracelet

Find it here!

These beautiful bracelets are custom made. They come with metal beads and clasp, and the hair can be your own horse’s or from the available horse hair. Made with tail hairs only. When ordering, you’ll have to provide your wrist width, as it’s not easily adjustable.

2. This sterling silver ring with inlaid horse hairs

Horsehair jewellery: horsehair ring

Find it here

This ring is very elegant and well made. The ring is sterling silver and has a classical design. The hair is encased in a glass dome, for a very interesting effect. They come in sizes 7 and 8, and you may order with your own hair or with the hair the designer has in stock.

3. This stunning ring

Horsehair jewellery: turquoise ring

Find it here

This ring is finer than the usual fare. Unlike other options, this ring can be sterling silver or 9ct gold, including rose gold. You may pick the stone from a range of available options, such as different types of turquoises and opals. The horse hair goes in a braid around the ring, and it can be your horse’s hair or the designer’s own stock.

4. These horseshoe earrings

Horsehair jewellery: horsehoe earrings

Find it here

This clever design is unique in its own way. The horse hair goes in a fine braid around a set of horseshoes, which you wear as earrings. As with others, this can be either your horse’s own hair or stock. Materials can be gold, rose gold, sterling silver. In custom order, you may ask for diamonds added to the gold for extra luxury.

5. Chestnut horse hair bracelet

Horsehair jewellery: chestnut horsehair bracelet

Find it here

This one isn’t a custom order. This braided horse hair bracelet has a silverplated clasp and are simple but extremely sweet. Other options and colours exist in the store, but the shade of red in this one is very fetching.

6. These Horse Hair Hoop Rings (White-Gray)

Horsehair jewellery: teardrop earrings

Find it here

This beautiful and simple piece is a nice teardrop design. It can be made custom, with a braid of your own horse’s hair (they also accept cow hairs).

7. This Woodland Ring

Horsehair jewellery: woodland ring

Find it here

This woodland-style ring draws inspiration from the European olive trees. The ring’s branches are cast from actual olive branches and a fine braid of horsehair. The hair may be your own horse’s, or stock. This ring comes with a charm, made from your horse’s picture, and it may come with or without a “stone”, which is, in fact, a clipping from your horse’s hoof!

8. This horse hair barrette

Horsehair jewellery: horsehair barrette

Find it here

This horse hair barrette is very charming. The glass beads add a hint of colour and elegance to the braided hair. Comes in different colours. Not customizable.

9. This sterling silver horse hair pendant

Horsehair jewellery: horsehair pendant

Find it here

This beautiful and original piece is sure to make a striking addition to anyone’s collection. The sterling silver wire makes a graceful spiral, with a horse hair braid tightly woven around it. The fixture is also wire, no glue, which means it is water-resistant.

10. Horse Hair Tassel Necklace

Horsehair jewellery: tassel necklace

Find it here

This necklace is very simple but also very stylish. The horse hair tassel comes with a hemp cord and glass beads. Good for people who believe less is more.

So what do you think of these pieces? Like them? Love them? Do you have something made of horse hair? Have you made any? Let us know in the comments below!

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