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Horse Obsessed: My Experience Of The Horse Bug



From tot to senior the bug hits us all. The first time you walk into the yard the air is potent with hay and your heart beats faster than a horse galloping. The horse bug it takes no prisoners, but why?

The Horse Bug in Humans

Its no lie that spending time around horses is a humbling experience, well at least for me it was. It all began with my best friend asking my mum to exercise her gelding Bailey, having previously ridden at another stables years before this I tagged along and often walked beside Bailey. A cheeky fifteen hand cob who loved nothing more than to be reluctant on a hack and have a little snack on the nearby branches.

From the first hack out Bailey and I grew close and eventually I was entrusted to ride him. It felt so natural and it was as if I’d been riding for years. Coming up against wheel barrows, tractors, horses and bikes all in one go we made a great team and I was hooked. When you get the horse bug and start riding you instantly want everything to be about horses, even down to your house having horseshoes hanging and pictures of the most beautiful Fresians.

Drawbacks of being Horse Obsessed

Be warned though, the horse bug is not a cheap addiction! When you go shopping for riding gear it can tend to break the bank for the year. From every style of jodhpurs, to the nice fitted show polo shirts and especially repurchasing gloves every week that have been misplaced at the stables, its really not cheap. Many people would disagree with my opinion that winter is the best time to be obsessed with horses (which is understandable), but jodhpurs are so warm and comfortable even if you aren’t going to the stables. On a chilly day there’s nothing better than jumping into your jods – the ideal hack for the winter months. Although horse riding gear isn’t cheap, its nearly always very high quality and has a long life span.

Why do we get the Horse Bug?

But really what is it about horses that makes them so addictive to be around?

  1. Firstly, its hard work but so rewarding when you’ve done your jobs and you get to tack up your horse to go for a trail ride and spend some quality time with your four legged friend in the wilderness.
  2. Secondly, many people suggest that horses are very therapeutic to be around. When you are feeling emotional or even when you’re happy, horses are very sensitive animals and they can be very calming.
  3. Lastly, horse riding is a lot of hard work and that includes pitching in on the yard work itself, meaning its a great workout. Being horse obsessed can help you to keep fit because it uses a lot of muscle groups and helps to improve your core body strength.

For me personally its a humbling experience and I think that spending time with these amazing creatures can make you more aware of your surroundings. Horses allow you to get back in touch with nature. In today’s age of mobile phones and advancing technology, horses allow you to disconnect from the modern world.

The horse bug mystery will never truly be understood because everyone has their own reasons for riding or being a stable hand, but if you embrace the addiction and don’t break the bank you will be hooked for the rest of your life. Remember heels down, chin up and have fun because that’s what its all about.

Please let me know about your experiences of the horse bug in the comments below.

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