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Hobbyhorsing – The Trend That’s Sweeping Scandinavia



Hobby Horse Toy - Competitive Showjumping Trend Hobbyhorsing Rising

In the equestrian world, like in every other sport, there are always new trends on the rise. This one however is especially interesting. Unlike every other discipline in the world of horse sport it does not require a “real” horse. You are confused? Let us introduce you to the new trend of “hobbyhorsing”, only requiring a Hobby Horse toy.

Hobby Horse – Competitive Showjumping Sport

You have probably seen some videos or pictures of people hobbyhorsing. Facebook and other social media networks have been flooded with them: Videos of young teenage girls (and boys) riding a hobby horse. Don’t be fooled, we are not talking about riding a horse like I did in my parent’s backyard. These kids are “riding” their hobby horse in actual dressage and jumping competitions – with judges! Yes, we are talking about those horses made out of a stick, a sock and a mane out of yarn.

What it’s all about and why it’s awesome? Here are the facts:

  • Competitive hobbyhorsing is a new trend which started in Finland. The number of active competitors has recently reached 10.000 in Finland alone. The so-called “hobbyhorse revolution” is starting to become increasingly popular all over Europe and is now slowly reaching the US. The original “hobbyhorse revolution” trailer above has over 270.000 views on YouTube.
  • There are plenty of YouTube channels to watch routines and competitions in different disciplines. After watching some of those videos, I’m completely impressed by how serious those kids take this new trend.
  • They put so much effort into their jumping and dressage routines as well as their hobby horses. The hobby horses these kids build look amazing and even the manes are braided. Kids also create background stories for the hobby horses (including of course name, breed and age) for their introduction at competitions.

It is fascinating how completely focused these kids are during their jumping or dressage routines. Another benefit is that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to start (competitive) hobbyhorsing. Also, compared to riding a real horse the risk of injury is basically zero. Additionally, if this new trend gets teenagers to spend some time away from theirs phones, get their bodies moving and have fun doing so, hobbyhorsing is probably one of the best recent trends.

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