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The Handmade Horse Hooves Costume Which Took the Internet by Storm!



Handmade Horse Hooves Costume by ChaosCostumes

This handmade horse hooves costume by ChaosCostumes has taken the internet by storm!

Tag someone who would wear these!Credit: Chaos CostumesGet yours here:

Posted by Horse Kingdom on Sunday, October 2, 2016

Handmade Horse Hooves Costume

With Halloween only a couple months away, are you tired of horsing around for that perfect costume? Why not continue horsing around and dress up as a horse! Or at least partly.

There is a custom costume designer out there who makes it her mission to create extremely lifelike costumes and props and a video of one of these creations has captivated the internet. The video in question showcasing a pair of fur feathered horse hooves and leggings by designer Blair Ondria of Chaos Costumes, has received a whopping 21 million views and counting.

While the handmade horse hooves costume doesn’t look that comfortable, the designer, Blair Ondria, promises they are “as ‘comfortable’ as most high heels and do not affect your calf muscles all that much.” She also said they are that stable, do not roll back and you can even run in them.

You can order the hooves and fur in any colour or size you want.

Get your handmade horse hooves here!

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