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17 Creative and Unique Gifts For Horse Lovers



17 Creative and Unique Gifts For Horse Lovers - Stables Wallpaper

Christmas is just around the corner! We’ve covered horse christmas decorations before, so let’s talk about gifts. What better gifts for horse lovers than something horse-themed? What about a personalized gift for extra specialness? Here are some awesome and unique gift ideas for your friends and family!

17 Creative and Unique Gifts For Horse Lovers

Many horse lovers appreciate gifts related to their obsession. Whether it’s collectables, jewellery, t-shirts, books or even bigger things, we’re all happy to indulge in our passion. With Christmas fast approaching, here are some clever and unique gift ideas for the horse lovers among us.

1. Horseshoe Wallet

horseshoe wallet

Find it here

This beautifully made horseshoe wallet is perfect for someone you love. This sort of gift will not only entice but also be used and cherished by whoever owns it. Made of supple cowhide leather, it is RFID-blocking. It can also be a personalized gift, if you wish to engrave your own message on it.

2. Horse Leather Journal

Horse Journal

Find it here

This leather, engraved horse-themed journal is an excellent gift. More than that, this item is handmade, so each journal or diary will look different even if they have the same pictures. This can also be a personalized gift, as you can ask for the initials of the person you’re gifting. It adds that extra specialness for no additional cost.

3. Origami Pegasus Decoration

Find it here

This beautiful and tasteful decoration gives an air of modernity to any environment. The glass, wood and paper combination is very stylish and perfect gift for horse lovers in your life who enjoy unique items such as this. You can also personalize this origami pegasus sculpture with different colours, prints and even name and messages.

4. Custom Knit Horse Plushie

Personalized knit horse

Find it here

This one is even more touching. This personalized gift doesn’t just have a name or a tag on it but takes the shape of your favourite horse lover’s own horse. Yes, this custom knit horse plush toy has the colour and markings of your favourite animal.

5. Horse And Dog Wall Art

Horse and Dog Wall Decor

  Find it here

Love horses? Love dogs? This will make an excellent choice for a horse lover who also has a fondness for our canine companions. This beautiful horse and dog wall décor is 11.25″x6.25″, very light and will add a modern and delicate charm to any house.

6. Horse Sidetable Lamp

Bedside Lamp Decor

 Find it here

Continuing on the subject of home décor, this bedside lamp is both modern and rustic. This lamp offers a soft, diffuse glow that is both stylish and useful. It comes with 16 different LED colours and 4 different moods, which you can control with a remote. These Wenge, Apple, Maple or Black lamps will make for some perfect gifts for horse lovers, who are more technologically inclined. It can also be a personalized gift, on your request. They make quotes, names and even other designs you might want to include.

7. Needle Felt Horse

Needle Felt Horse Sculpture

Find it here

For people who love arts and crafts, this needle felted horse is an awesome idea. It’s not only a gorgeous but also a personalized gift — you can ask them to model the horse after your own, for example. This is a gift both children and adults will appreciate, no doubt.

8. Horse Agate Bead Necklace

Horse Necklace Mare and Foal

 Find it here

This bead necklace has a classical look hard to find elsewhere. The pendant shows a mare with a foal, in a traditional style reminiscent of Greek art. The whole thing looks beautiful and polished. The beads are agate and the pendant in sterling silver. A zirconia stone finishes the ensemble. This necklace is handmade and each one is unique.

9. Horse Halter and Neck Rope

Halter And Neckrope Set

Find it here

Thus far, we’ve talked about horse-themed items to gift your horse lover friend, family member or significant one. But what about your horse? Well, this halter and neck rope set is also a perfect gift. It can withstand 550 pounds of pressure, is industry-tested, waterproof and won’t rot. You can use this to train a horse and all-purpose, up to you. Buy it here.

10. Horse Cuff Bracelet

Horse Cuff Bracelet

  Find it here

This beautiful horse cuff bracelet is elegant and modern at the same time. It’s made of recycled aluminium, especially nice to the eco-friendly crowd. The deep emerald outside contrasts nicely with the silver horses. You can also make this a personalized gift, with an inscription on the inside of the bracelet.

11. Friesian Horse Charm Box

Friesian Charm Box

Find it here

This beautiful jewellery box comes has a Friesian horse’s profile on it for a rustic and classic look. It also comes with a small, cowboy boot charm. This is a perfect gift for horse lovers who have a more Western preference, especially women.

12. Six Horse Prints Pack

Horse Prints Pack

Find it here

This one is actually six in one, which makes for an even more awesome gift. These posters come in different sizes and background colours, which can make them look from artsy to technical — colours include chalkboard grey and blueprint blue, as well as parchment colour. This could become a quirky sort of decoration to any home — or even a business.

13. Horse Tie Clip & Cufflinks

Horse Tie Clip

 Find it here

This simple and understated tie clip is perfect for the horsemen of your life. The matching cufflinks add an extra classy look. The tie clip and cufflinks are soldered brass and full of personality. Available in silver or brass colours.

14. Midnight Dreamland Sculpture

Dreamland Horse Sculpture

 Find it here

Beautiful, decorative and unique, this aluminium statue is a perfect gift for horse lovers with a magical, whimsical mind. Artists and authors might appreciate it even more, but it’s sure to enchant anyone who loves horses and dreams. Midnight in Dreamland is a one of a kind sort of gift.

15. Horse And Lady Vintage Compact Mirror

Vintage Horse Compact Mirror

  Find it here

This compact mirror combines class and art with practicality. The vintage illustration of a woman and her horse gives it an old-timey feel, perfect for the classy horse-loving lady in your life. This item is also handmade and resistant to wear.

16. Wire Horse Sculpture

Horse Wire Sculpture

 Find it here

This horse wire sculpture is an amazing piece of decoration to any home or office and is one of the most creative gifts for horse lovers. Stylish and modern, it is 10″ х 18″, and one of a kind. Each sculpture is unique, as it’s handmade in a process that takes one to two weeks to finish. Perfect gift for horse lovers who appreciate art with a modern feel.

17. Ceramic Chess Board — Battle of Troy

Find it here

This chess set is not just beautiful — it’s inspired on one of the most famous scenarios of classical history. The knights bear the shape of the famous Trojan horse, which led the Athenians to victory against the Trojans. This is sure to make a wonderful gift for horse lovers with an appreciation for history and classical literature.

So here are 17 unique and creative gifts for horse lovers — need more? Didn’t find what you want? You can always visit our shop as well for awesome and affordable horse-themed stuff!

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1 Comment

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    FREE LUMINOUS HORSE NECKLACE – I ordered some of these necklaces a few months ago. I have asked when they will arrive and get no answers. Please be cautious with this offer, I am not sure if it is just a way to get your credit card number, etc. Iam still hoping that these necklaces will be sent but be cautious.

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