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5 Awesome Virtual Horse Games Worth Trying Out



Virtual Horse Games: Horse Haven World Adventures

Here’s a secret: I love virtual horse games. I’ve tried out several of them over time. They can be greatly entertaining (and sometimes, addictive). Here are 5 virtual horse games worth trying out.

5 Awesome Virtual Horse Games Worth Trying Out

Virtual horse games sound like something for small children, but plenty of adults play them. Sometimes they are horse lovers who can’t have horses, sometimes it’s just a way to entertain ourselves with a cellphone when you’re bored. Whatever the motivation, some of these games are just plain fun!

Here are 13 games I tried and enjoyed!

1. Horse Isle

Virtual Horse Games: Horse Isle

In Horse Isle (this one is v.2) you wander around a virtual world on horseback.

This free game offers a 2D experience of a unique horse world. Your character travels across islands and explores forests and ruins. They can capture wild horses, sell them and buy them. There is a crafting system, and players can fulfil quests to earn money to buy items, horses and pets. More than that, you can interact with other players. The game is free to play, but users can pay for subscriptions, which give them unique features such as ranch owning. There are also different gameplay modes, including one where your horses don’t die (but you can’t breed them, either).

Horse Isle offers a very interesting experience. But, be aware this is a Flash game. Thus, it may be incompatible with devices that have no Flash support.

2. Horseland

Virtual Horse Games: Horseland

Horseland now counts with several Flash minigames.

Ah, Horseland. This might be one of the oldest horse keeping simulators out there. Founded in 1998, this game is active for a staggering 19 years and going strong! Several changes happened throughout time, such as the inclusion of minigames and many more features.

The main goal of Horseland is to take care of your horses, your stable and compete with your horses. Horses earn points from showing, which in turn improve their chances of winning more shows, and giving better foals. Earning shows give you HL points (money), which you can spend on your horses and stables. You can buy, sell and breed your horses (and dogs — there’s kennels in the game, too) as well. Ultimately, it provides a simulation of a successful horse stable.

The minigames help you earn points, and there’s also a Horseland World, which provides a 2D experience with other players.

3. Horse Haven: World Adventures

Virtual Horse Games: Horse Haven World Adventures

The game counts with several ranches in different locations around the world.

Unlike other games in this list, Ubisoft’s Horse Haven: World Adventures is exclusive for your phone.

Horse Haven: World Adventures boasts polished graphics, with animated horses and beautifully crafted environments. It’s a village building game, not unlike Farmville and others of the sort, where your goal is to take care of ranches (multiple — the game has ranches in the US, France, England and Germany), breed horses and feed and care for them. While it isn’t the most realistic game in this list, it’s definitely one of the most visually attractive.

There are steeplechasing minigames, actual farming for produce you’ll turn into their feed (some not really recommended for horses, but it is just a game), and a tack shop where you can customize your horses. As you grow in levels, you unlock more functionalities and ranches, as well as new horse breeds you can raise. Other than existing horse breeds, you may also breed mythical and constellation horses for extra specialness. The questions game might seem silly until you realize it actually does ask some rather difficult questions.

Like in other farming games, you can connect with other players through Facebook, visit their ranch, breed your horses to their horses, and ask for their help to build things and water your crops. From time to time, This game may be a lot less complex than others in this list, but it’s definitely an enjoyable, casual experience. Just be careful to not get addicted!

4. Howrse

Howrse is a French game that quickly became one of the classics. Created in 2006, in Howrse you take care of horses, breed and show them as you would in the real world. You may own an equestrian centre and breeding farm, as well as items that make your horse extra special. This browser game may sound like Horseland at first, but it’s more fine-tuned and closer to the real aspects of horse management.

In Howrse, you take care of your horse as you would in reality. Horses train, play and show. They must be fed, groomed and watered. Each activity takes time out of your horse’s day, as well as its energy, health and morale. Once all activities are done for the day, you can bed your horse down, just to start another day.

After you’ve played for awhile, you can begin an equestrian centre and a breeding farm. This way you can breed more horses, sell them, and many other features.

The upside of Howrse is that it’s not a very time-consuming game. As your horses have actual daily limits on what they can do, unless you use ageing points (acquired with passes, which in turn demand real money), it doesn’t take very long for a casual player to manage their horses. The downside is that many of the more unique and interesting features, such as customization, are behind a paywall. Certain items can only be bought with passes and passes you buy with real money. Still, the game is enjoyable and easy to play. Horwse is made by Owlient, a gaming studio owned by Ubisoft, and comes with a phone app as well.

5. My Stable

Virtual Horse Games: My Stable

This browser-based game is fairly simple to play.

My Stable follows in the footsteps of Howrse and other simulation virtual horse games such as Horseland. You create a horse, which will be your very first in the new stable you will manage. In this game, you’ll buy tack, care for your horses (including feeding and grooming) or hire staff to do so for you, raise, breed and show them. While it’s similar to Howrse in execution, this game is a lot simpler and less involved. Still, it makes for a fun, casual experience for a horse lover without much time to invest in raising virtual horses.

These are some of the virtual horse games I personally played and enjoyed. There are several out there, including racing games, dress up games, and many, many more. From MMOs to simple Flash apps, there is a lot of options out there. So what do you think? Have you played one of these games? Do you know others we should try out? Please let us know in the comments below!

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