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15 Awesome Breyer Horse Toys



Breyer horse toys Hogwarts-style rope halters

Breyers are popular for all ages. From collectors’ pieces to Christmas decoration, the Breyer horse toys aren’t just that, not anymore. Still, there is a whole universe of items to choose from, such as a Breyer horse barn, tack, and more. Here are 15 choices of ours.

15 Awesome Breyer Horse Toys

Breyer horses toys are wonderful. There is really no other word for it. They’re a staple in many a horse-obsessed child’s toy boxes, and even adults get tempted by them. They are Christmas decorations and collector’s items, so it’s no wonder there is a rich market of things for them out there. While we won’t delve into the horses themselves (which you can buy from Breyer’s website itself), there is a lot of good stuff out there, and some we rather like. In no particular order, let’s go to the items!

1. Wooden Breyer Horse Barn

Wooden Breyer horse barn

Find it here

This lovely Breyer horse barn has six stalls that look very realistic. You can ask for customization with barn and stall names for the extra specialness. This barn certainly matches the realistic appearance of your children’s Breyer horse toys! Made for traditional-sized Breyer horses.

2. Saddle pad

Breyer horse toy saddle pad

Find it here

We’ve talked about the importance of saddle pads for real life horses. As it happens, your Breyer horse can also have a nice saddle pad with this item. Made in an English style, this saddle pad comes in different colours. It also comes in horse and pony sizes, made for traditional Breyer models.

3. Handmade Nylon Halter

Breyer horse toy nylon halter

Find it here

This handmade nylon halter also looks realistic and fits traditional-sized Breyer horse toys. We’ve talked about horse halters before, as well, and this one looks much like real-life ones. A great way to educate your horse-loving children about horse tack, or to just decorate and play with your Breyers. Comes in different colours.

4. Wooden Breyer Horse Barn + Tack Room

Breyer Horse Barn + Tack Room

Find it here

Like #1, this Breyer horse barn is a delight to look at. The stalls look very realistic and fit classic and traditional-sized Breyer horses. The associated tack room has space for 6 saddles, 12 bridles and 6 blankets. It’s a stackable, 4 stall barn. They can stack up, as well, for extra barns. Also customizable with farm and stall names.

5. Custom Painted Breyer

Custom Breyer horse toy

Find it here

This is a slightly different product. Done through commission, this provider will paint a Breyer horse model (comes in different breeds and styles) to your specifications. Have a Breyer that looks just like your own horse!

6. Fly bonnet

Breyer horse toy fly bonnet

Find it here

This cute little piece made of cotton follows the look of actual fly bonnets. This fits classic Breyer horses and comes in different colours, including under request, so your Breyer horse toys will look super stylish.

7.  Lomond jump kit

Breyer horse toy jump kit

Find it here

This Lomond jump kit is an excellent addition to your realistic Breyer horse farm. The parts come disassembled and are easy to build. You may also pick the size you prefer, traditional or classic scale, to match your Breyer horses. You can also personalize it as you wish, painting it yourself in your favourite style.

8. Western Style Bridle/Hackamore

Western Style Bridle Hackamore

Find it here

This amazing-looking Western-style hackamore fits different types of model horses. While this isn’t specifically made for Breyer models, they may fit as well. You can contact the provider if in doubt. Still, they look amazing and would definitely match Western-type Breyer horse toys!

9. Mixed Colour Horse Ribbons

Breyer horse toy show ribbon set

Find it here

These ribbons are gorgeous-looking and perfect for your Breyer winner. The ribbons are miniature and come in different colours as a set. They also accept custom orders, for different colours, streamers and even the centre picture.

10. Arabian Horse Presentation Collar

Breyer horse toy Arabian horse presentation collar

Find it here

Love Arabian horses? Us too. This presentation collar makes your Breyer Arabian look like a real-life champion. It fits traditional-size Breyers and looks just like the real world horse collars. This one is sage green and blue, and you can custom order a matching halter for extra flair.

11. Spanish Dressage Tack

Spanish Dressage Tack

Find it here

This stunning Spanish dressage tack looks amazingly realistic. It is handmade with real leather and nylon and decorated with tassels. Contact the seller for sizing. Will not fit ponies.

12. English-Style Stall

Breyer horse toy English style stall

Find it here

This English style stall is very charming and realistic. Fits traditional-sized Breyer horses and may be customized to order. Very sweet and perfect for children! This isn’t a full Breyer horse barn, but just a sweet singular stall, perfect if you only have one horse.

13. Harry Potter Inspired Rope Halters

Hogwarts-style rope halters

Find it here

If you love Harry Potter and love Breyer horses… sort your Breyers in the Hogwarts houses through these lovely rope halters! They come in different colours to represent the different Hogwarts houses.

14. Adjustable Breast Collar

Breyer horse toy adjustable breast collar

Find it here

This adjustable breast collar is super realistic and gives a nice flair to your Breyer horse’s tack. It comes in different colours as well, so you can match with other pieces. The seller does custom orders.

15. Lattice Arch Jump

Breyer horse toy lattice arch jump

Find it here

This amazingly realistic jump set is perfect for your showjumping Breyer horses. The set is fully adjustable and can fit seven different sizes. Beautifully done and easy to assemble.

So what do you think? Do you own a Breyer horse toy or decoration? What about accessories? Do you have a Breyer horse barn? Let us know in the comments below!

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