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15 Awesome And Easy To Make Horse Halloween Costumes



Horse Halloween Costumes: Death's Horse

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s an excellent excuse to dress up and have fun, and your horses are no exception. Here are 15 horse Halloween costumes that are simple and easy to DIY!

15 Awesome Horse Halloween Costumes For Spooky Rides

Dressing up for Halloween is fun, but why not have your horse join you? Sure, he’ll need a costume as well — that’s why we found this selection of horse Halloween costumes! These costumes for humans and horses can be as complex or as simple as we make it, so here are some cool ideas we hope will inspire you. Enjoy!

Find some of these Halloween costumes here on Etsy.

1. “Great with kids”

Horse Halloween Costumes: Great With Kids

Source: Pinterest

This one has to be one of my favourites. An easy costume for your horse and child alike!

2. Bee costume

Horse Halloween Costumes: Bee and Flower

Source: Pinterest

This one is slightly more elaborate but still fairly easy to DIY. You can have fun with colours and variations on the costume for your horse as well, to match its lovely coat!

4. Football

Horse Halloween Costumes: Football

Source: Pinterest

Have a nice chestnut horse? Paint some white lines on it and turn it into your oversized football with this costume. Sometimes, less is more, especially if you get creative with it. Just make sure the paint is appropriate for animals and won’t cause an allergic reaction on your horse.

5. Dr Seuss’s Thing #1 (and #2, if you have a partner)

Horse Halloween Costumes: Dr Seuss

Source: Pinterest

All you need is a top hat, cut some holes for the ears and bam! Your horse is ready to become the Horse in a Hat. A red ribbon finishes the ensemble for your horse.

6. Reindeer

Horse Halloween Costumes: Reindeer

Source: Pinterest

Yes. All it takes is a pair of old gloves. You can fill them with something to keep them stiffer, but make sure it won’t chafe or hurt your horse’s ears. Or you can glue or sew them to a halter as well, so it won’t bother your horse too much.

7. Harry Potter

Horse Halloween Costumes: Harry Potter

Source: Tumblr

Black, red and white fabric. A tie. A scar. Some wire to make the glasses. Now you have a Harry Potter horse! Just make sure the glasses don’t hurt your horse’s face. If it doesn’t have any face markings, you could paint a lightning bolt on his forehead as well.

8. Death and Horse

Horse Halloween Costumes: Death's Horse

Source: Pinterest

Okay, this is closer to the Halloween mood. It’s more complicated as well, but you can make it simpler, as well. Black, shredded fabric already adds a spooky mood to your horse — especially if it’s black or grey. Just don’t make it so long your horse gets tangled in them. Safety first.

9. Unicorn

Horse Halloween Costumes: Unicorn

Source: Pinterest

The unicorn costume is probably the most obvious. The items necessary are relatively easy to find, too. Who knows, you might even have a black, pinto or otherwise-coloured unicorn! We’ve seen a similarly-attired unicorn before on Horses Mad as well. Just make sure your unicorns don’t get into shenanigans.

10. Airplane

Horse Halloween Costumes: Airplane

Source: Pinterest

Some foam, fabric and a blanket (make sure to match the colours) and your horse suddenly becomes another method of transportation. You may skip on the goggles if you wish, but don’t forget the rotors!

11. Jump Test Dummy

Have a jumper? This costume is simple and appropriate. All you need is creativity! If your horse isn’t a jumper you could, of course, do another type of dummy. Maybe a dressage test?

12. Wet Paint

Yup. It’s a Paint Horse. With a wet paint sign. Groan-worthy? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Just make sure that, if you stain your horse’s fur, that the dye won’t cause an allergy or harm the horse. There are horse-appropriate dyes out there.

13. Nurse

Horse Halloween Costumes: Nurse

Source: Pinterest

This one is also fairly simple to make at home, and effective as well. Just a nurse’s band and some white fabric, and you’re set!

14. Grandma

Horse Halloween Costumes: Grandma

Source: Pinterest

This one goes around the same way as the Harry Potter one. Just make the glasses, add a hat, and your horse is a cute grandma for your Little Red Riding Hood.

15. Motocross

Horse Halloween Costumes: Motocross

Source: Pinterest

Love horses? Love motocross? Combine both and go as a motocross… rider.

There’s much more you can do, of course. Just use your imagination, but make sure that whatever horse halloween costumes you make, doesn’t trouble or put your horse at risk! If you enjoyed these cool costumes or have dressed up your horse before, feel free to leave a comment below.

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